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We are a part of our community and are responsible for shaping it!

With great technological advances, we have made our world small and a better place to live. Today, we are looking forward to new prospect of space tourism in near future. However in midst of this progress, we also have realised, the need to address some major issues affecting our day-to-day lives, to be environmentally conscious to address global warming, to contribute into charitable and philanthropic acts while we travel to the corners of the world.

The wellspring of our vision is the core belief and understanding that the sustainability of communities, culture and the environment is the key to our long-term success. Our initiative is to bring about a positive impact of doing business while preserving our fragile environment and to bring a positive change to the life of the needy and marginalised. Every initiative we undertake originates from our belief in empowering individuals and communities and creating skill sets that enhance their quality of life. And to ensure that we are a step closer to our ultimate goal of Shaping Lives for the better.

Till date, we have organised several initiatives for our clients, who wanted to contribute socially while on their visit to India. We organised Elephant Polo Tournaments for our FIT clients, who asked us to invited 40 special children for lunch and also to witness Elephant Polo Tournament along with them. We organised tea at our NGO Charity School for Special Children where our clients interacted with special children’s. Similar do was also organised at an orphanage in Leh, Ladakh. In Agra, group from Singapore visited Mother Teresa’s Home and donated old clothes and a truck load of food items to the Charity home for homeless and orphans.

Doing well and doing good, is our slogan giving back to the society meaningfully. Listed below is the list of our CSR initiatives:

1.  Child Welfare
Our objective is to bring “a smile on a child’s face”. Through our CSR foundation our endeavour is to become a bridge between the Travel Industry and organisations involved to facilitate a change for under privileged children. The foundation goals are to focus on ‘education, health & hygiene, life skills, vocational skills and protection from abuse and trafficking’ of children from less privileged backgrounds. Here we support charity organisations such as, Umang, Manzil, Deepalaya, Disha and many more, all contributing to fostering community growth and development of under privileged children.

2.  Animal Welfare
a. Indian Bear Rescue-Agra Centre: We joined hands with WILDLIFE SOS- a registered non profit charity organisation, dedicated in conserving and protecting the environment and wildlife. Wildlife SOS organizes rescue for animals in distress. In one of its special project is saving the Indian Bear. The Indian Sloth Bear at an early age are taken away from their habitat and are then tortured, to give roadside acrobatic performances. This old practice by “Qalandar”, a tribe in India, who earn a living by using bears.  We have joined with Wildlife SOS in their initiative of putting a stop to this cruel practice and contribute regularly for the upkeep and rehabilitation of the Bears at Agra centre. The Qalandars too are monetarily compensated or given resettlement opportunities for alternate livelihoods. We also encourage our guests to visit or volunteer time at this facility and increase the awareness of this project.
b. Tour Operators for Tigers: We are a member of Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT), a unique campaign, founded by a group of concerned Tour Operators, aimed at those within the nature travel industry and all visitors to India’s wildlife parks, to advocate, endorse and support more responsible use of wilderness areas in India, and the Indian sub-continent. It is a 'supply chain' pressure campaign initiative aimed at a Global collective and inclusive Travel trade response to the tiger crisis in India, and by association, all the forests and wildlife being affected in the Indian subcontinent.

Do visit our link to know more about our social responsibility foundation.
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