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History & Culture
  • Sarena Chopra began her travels into Bhutan from year 2002 and during her travel, she has travelled to many remote places and corners of Bhutan. Her passion and love for Bhutan can be summed up in her remark "I first visited Bhutan on a trekking expedition," says Chopra, who lives in New Delhi. "The Bhutanese people's struggle to retain their culture and identity made a significant impression on me and I was drawn to return here again and again. Serena is also closely associated with Tarayana Foundation in Bhutan. This foundation is the brainchild of Her Majesty ,Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. Outreach work in the remotest regions of Bhutan where the stress is on education and the self empowerment of backward and isolated Bhutanese communities.
  • Shantum Seth is a teacher, social development worker and a man of peace with deep rooted Indianism. He is an ordained meditation master in the Zen tradition and teaches people to bring mindfulness into everyday living. This form of meditation, simple yet profound, reduces stress and brings joy and peace, allowing practitioners to touch the miracle in the mundane. Shantum is also the foremost guide to the sites associated with the Buddha. He has been leading highly acclaimed pilgrimages 'In the Footsteps of the Buddha' and other amazing journeys of discovery throughout India, since 1988. His tours have been featured in The New York Times and on the BBC/PBS's “Story of India”.
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