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We, at Luxe India, constantly explore new ideas and destinations to showcase Indian subcontinent to the discerning traveler. Continuing the tradition we are launching ‘Signature Journeys’ which have been so designed to offer different experiences, as the trips are led by personalities with high reputation and expertise in their respective fields. The culinary tour will be led by India’s leading food critic, Wine tour by an Indian wine professional, Bhutan trip by an ardent and avid Bhutan traveler, Wildlife tour by an expert in the field who has conducted extensive research in animal behavior and Faiths of India trip by an expert in religions of India.

Choose a journey not only for its in-depth view point and engagement but also for the sheer thrill and joy of being with like minded peers who appreciate the finer things in life. Discover experiences that will enrich your travels, as you flip through these specialty crafted journeys with some of the most respected experts of modern day.

Signature Journeys
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