The Regal Indulgence


Kaya Kalp- the Royal Spa, situated in the city of the Taj Mahal- Agra, is tribute to the legendary Mughal grandiose.

Channels of running water, fountains, outdoor water showers and courts full of greenery, all recreate the grandeur and luxurious lifestyle of the Mughal dynasty. Spread over a vast expanse of ninety-nine thousand square feet, it is the largest spa in India, offering therapies based on ancient customs and rituals. The emphasis at the spa is on sight, sound and smell, with pomegranate, the royal Persian fruit, prominently featuring in the décor as well as treatment.

Kaya Kalp experiences start from 2 nights onwards.
The treatments are designed to meet your specific individual needs according to body type, under the guidance of highly trained therapists. The eight exquisitely designed luxury treatment suites bring eight different experiences of pleasurable luxury through different therapies beginning with 'The Royal Mughal Hamam', the first luxury hamam in India, the popular 'Thai Massage', the 'Monticelli Mud Wrap', 'Mung Bean Soap Massage', India's own 'Ayurvedic therapies' and many more.

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