Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Chor Bazaar is the place poised on the Mutton Street, in Mumbai, where you can grab vintage assortment of curios. You can trace Ming vases brassware, ceramics, handicrafts, glass lamps, crystal chandeliers clocks, gramophones, old maps, paintings, dowry chests, coffee tables, rocking chairs, and everything else under the sun.

It is not clear as to how this market got its name except that once Queen Victoria came to Bombay in her own steamer. Her luggage was carted down and the lady discovered, much to her dismay that her precious violin was missing. After a thorough search the instrument was finally found -- at one of the stalls in Mutton Street (next to Chor Bazaar) so the area came to be known as the Market of Thieves or Chor Bazaar. But the genesis of this dwelling can possibly be traced to the days post the World War when poverty stricken families had to hawk their priceless heirlooms for money.

If not shopping, walking is also a unique experience here. The walk through the maze of lanes takes you to several interesting places like the Gol Deoul, the circular Shiva temple, where you can gain an understanding of the Shiva cult; experience the hustle bustle at Null Bazaar (fruits, vegetables, meat and fish) and meet the Kolis, the original fishing community of Bombay and get a rare glimpse into the life of the Bohras, a community of minority Shia Muslims with an opportunity to observe authentic Muslim cooking.