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With the Indian festive fervor at its peak, this month, India is all set to usher in the Festival of Lights –Diwali, celebrating the goodness and joy of life!

In our October edition of the newsletter, we share with you some interesting facets of Incredible India – The Gir National Park home to the Asiastic Lion is the Luxe Destination

of the month, the beautiful and mesmerizing Treehouse Hideway in the jungles of Bandhavgarh that beckons you to savour its surroundings and also this edition unfolds especially for you a Luxe Signature Journey to the Vineyards of India led by the professionally acclaimed mixoligist Gagan Sharma.

With lots of news and information, we hope you savour this edition as much as we did putting it together.

Most Warmly
Arjun Sharma
Managing Director

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Luxe Destination   Luxe Destination
Gir-Abode of Asiatic Lions

While the tiger has always basked in international glory, its cousin the Asiatic Lion has existed silently without much spotlight on it! Extinction stalks the Asiatic Lion leaving just around 400 of these regal predators in the wild; and the Gir National Park- the largest compact tract of dry deciduous forests in the semi-arid western part of India, is the last refuge of this endangered species. Gir is the proud abode of not just the Asiatic lions but also to the largest leopard population in the country, making it an ideal destination to view two of the five major big cats found in India, the others being the Bengal tiger, Snow Leopard and Clouded Leopard. While these big cats steal all the attention of the visitors to this park, the remarkable bird population is also something to look out for.  Read More....
  Luxe Hotel
Tree House Hideaway
  Luxe Hotel

Staying high up on a lush green tree surrounded by the forest all around is surely the best way to experience the wild, with the chorus performances of the jackals, an occasional growl of the tiger, the call of the peacocks, the singing of birds and the rustling of the leaves being the only sounds to break the silence! Experience this feeling of being completely immersed in nature at the Treehouse Hideaway in the jungles of Bandhavgarh. The five carefully situated Tree houses, each set it its own large tree, are spread in a 21 acre forest that merges into the jungles of this acclaimed tiger reserve.  Read More....
Luxe Signature Journey   Luxe Signature Journey
From the Vineyards

Admiring the hue, taking in the aroma and feeling the distinct taste- completes the wine experience! Enjoy this complete wine experience in the Indian regions, well out of the mainstream, led by Gagan Sharma-a wine professional, enthusiast, and certified mixologist. Wine is no stranger to Indian palates, as can be discerned from evidences dating back to the ancient times found at the sites of Harappan civilization demonstrating the culture of wine making and drinking among people of those times. Over time it saw many variations in its form and was eventually influenced by European travelers in the 18th & 19th centuries and especially the British under whose influence the vineyards were established. Today, in the 21st century, Wine in its sophisticated form is now being made again, after a long pause of several years. Even though young yet the Indian wine market is full of surprises for you to come and explore.

Destinations covered: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Nasik-Pune-Goa-Mumbai Read More....
  Luxe Experience
Re-kindle the romance in your life!
  Luxe Experience

Re-live the glory of the past and revive the romance in your life enjoying a royal picnic with your loved one, on the lake-side amidst the golden sands of the princely state of Rajasthan. Wake up early to the rising sun and climb on to your camels for a ride into the wilderness to enjoy beautiful views of the sunrise and then amble through the scenic landscape to reach a secluded spot along the lake side where a well laid out alfresco breakfast awaits you! Reminiscent of the bygone era, the royal picnic with its ornate tent, lavish food and wine, the courteous attendants, the choir of the birds and the splendid morning sun, all provide the perfect ambience for you to spend some exclusive moments with your partner and create memories that will be cherished for a long long time.

For more information please email: info@luxeindia.in

Luxe Spa   Luxe In the Know
Lotus –The Divine Flower

Lotus-a symbol of purity, enlightenment and resurrection, is the national flower of India! An important symbol of Indian cultural heritage, it is considered to be of divine origin and is viewed as sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. The idea of purity, enlightenment and self regeneration is symbolised by the life cycle of the sacred lotus plant because it begins its life humbly in the mud of ponds but soon blossoms as a beautiful flower rising above the surface of the water. The lotus blooms with the morning light and closes its petals when the sun goes down. So the sages accepted lotus as a unique symbol of unfolding the spiritual qualities of man with the advent of light. No other flower or symbol is as ever-present in the depictions of gods and sages, in the mystical verses of seer poets, and in the subtle biology of the yogi and shamans as the Lotus. Even the dome of the Taj Mahal resembles an upside-closed lotus resting on its petals, reflecting the significance of this flower on Indian culture and heritage.

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