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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy & prosperous New Year!
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Dear Friend,

Season’s Greetings!

Season’s celebrations have doubled for us as Delhi celebrates its 100 birthday as the National Capital of India! For us at Luxe India too, it is a happy end to a spectacular year and we look forward to the beginning of year 2012 full of promises and hope.

In this edition of our newsletter we bring to you the experience of the desert away from the crowds, at Manvar and a one of a kind boutique hotel-Ahilya Fort offering a true Indian experience, located off the beaten circuit. Also, know more about viewing the monument of love-Taj Mahal from a different perspective and join in for our signature journey to learn more about the living faiths of India!

Wish you all a Joyous Christmas and a bright 2012 Year ahead!

Most Warmly
Arjun Sharma
Managing Director

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Luxe Destination   Luxe Destination

Silent dunes all around till the eyes can see…this is Manvar, a desert settlement with a quiet and unhurried grace. Located between the cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, it offers a true experience of desert life complete with safari tents and camels, on a smaller scale yet exclusive. There are no grand sights to admire here, just the sheer magnificence of the desert, and its hidden beauty that leaves you mesmerized. Spend your day wandering on camel back into the dunes gazing at the desert wildlife and experiencing the traditional desert village lifestyle-watching children ambling off to school, their mothers preparing the afternoon meals on an outdoor clay fireplace of their simple village homes, local craftsmen at work, shepherd boys herding their cattle and more, all of which offers a small window into a life of simplicity and adaptability, contrasting with our complex urban life replete with conveniences of all kind.  Read More....
  Luxe Hotel
Ahilya Fort
  Luxe Hotel

Relive a slice of Indian history at the 250 years old Ahilya Fort, in the holy city of Maheshwar. Once the capital of the great woman ruler-Ahilya Bai Holkar, the Ahilya Fort, perched on the edge of a cliff with stunning views of the holy Narmada river and the ghats below, is a unique boutique hotel. On the inside, ensconced within the high walls is a dramatic 18th century setting of shaded courtyards, hidden terraces linked by stone walkways, ancient turrets & numerous gardens; and on the outside is the setting of a part of an unchanged Hindu India with numerous temples, hindu life & festivals, morning prayers and evening worships, carrying on even today its rhythm and essence as it was in ancient times. Replete with myths and legends, this Fort Palace offers an escape, off the tourist trail for an authentic Indian experience.  Read More....

Luxe Signature Journey   Luxe Signature Journey
Living Faiths of India

The ancient land of India portrays a landscape of vibrant cultural heritage and spiritual mysticism. The variety in race, culture, languages and religion accounts for the existence of different ethnic groups who, although, live within the sanctums of one single nation, profess different social habits and characteristics. Luxe India brings to you a signature tour to lose yourself in a journey through the fascinating lanes of the country, which reflect its numerous national traits, such as art, national identity elements and cultural extravaganza - all the elements that go on to shape this splendid nation called India, and is an enlightenment zone for anyone who wants to know all about this spiritual country. The tour will be led by Shantum Seth, a teacher, social development worker and a man of peace with deep rooted Indianism. He is an ordained meditation master in the Zen tradition and teaches people to bring mindfulness into everyday living.

Cities covered: Delhi (3 nights); Rishikesh (3 nights); Amritsar (2 nights) Dharamsala (3 nights). Read More....
  Luxe Experience
Taj from Mehtab
  Luxe Restaurant

The views of the great monument of love-Taj Mahal, from its grand entry are undoubtedly stunning. But Emperor Shahjahan who built it in memory of his beloved queen had a different plan! He booked the best view for himself from a pleasure garden across the river Yamuna. In the 17th century the 25 acre crescent shaped flood plain was dramatically transformed into a moonlit river garden-Mehtab bagh, with breezy pavilions, fragrant flowers, fountains and pools reflecting the Taj. But over time Mehtab Bagh was lost under the mud till it was recently re-excavated and is being restored to its grandeur as Shahjahan saw it. Its landscape architect has gone back in history, delving into texts of the Mughal era, analyzing miniature paintings and more, to segregate some of the 81 plants that featured in Mughal horticulture most of which have bright coloured flowers that would shine in the moonlight. Mehtab Bagh was also rumoured to be the proposed site for the Black Taj- the black marble twin that Shahjahan wanted as his mausoleum. But this is a mere conjecture! So, when in Agra, admire the beauty and elegance of this white mausoleum from a different perspective, from where its creator wanted to!
For more information please email: info@luxeindia.in

Luxe Shopping   Luxe In the Know

It is a common sight in India to see the rishis and sadhus wearing a string of brown wrinkled ball like seeds around their neck. These beads are called Rudraksha, a sacred seed that literally means “The eye of Lord Shiva”. It is derived from Rudra, another name for Lord Shiva and Aksh meaning ‘eyes’. According to a popular Hindu legend Lord Shiva opened his eyes after a long period of yogic meditation and because of extreme fulfillment, he shed a tear. This single tear from his eye grew into the Rudraksha tree. The central hard Rudraksha uni-seed has 1 to 108 faces out of which 1 & 21 faced Rudraksha are scarcely available, and those having 22 to 108 are extinct. It is believed that a string of Rudraksha worn around the neck protects the wearer from accidents and brings him good luck. When used while meditating, Rudraksha beads are believed to open the heart chakra, help lower blood pressure and create stability within the entire system. Rudraksh is a symbol of spirituality, deeply revered in India.
  Luxe Testimonials

“Magnificent trip in India! Everything goes SUPER well. Thank you for the good organisation. Guides and drivers perfect! Thank you!”

  -Mr. Maurice Debusscher & Mrs. Daniele Sangers, Belgium, November’11  
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