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Popularly known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, Goa is located on the western coast of India, in the Konkan belt. Legend credits its creation to Lord Parshuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Having been one of the major trade centers for India it has attracted merchants, traders, missionaries and influential dynasties. Hence, over the centuries various dynasties have ruled over Goa and the most recent and famous being the Portuguese who left an indelible influence on its food, culture, music, architecture and religion. Though it was liberated from Portuguese colonisation on December 19, 1961 but the various cultural influences has given Goa a multi-hued and distinctive lifestyle not found else where in India. Hippie invasion started in Goa in 1960’s and peaked in 1970’s, when Anjuna Beach became a rocking venue for party demons and naturalists who would sell their last piece of clothing at the local flea market for just enough cash to buy more dope and extend their stay. Now, there is more to Goa than sea and sand, hippies and hedonists. It is today a cosmopolitan tourist-oriented place of five-star resorts and boutique guest houses.

Luxe Destination
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  • Old Goa : This once-bustling Goan capital is said to have been the richest and most splendid city in Asia during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Today this World Heritage Site is a testament to the splendor it once enjoyed. The entire area can easily be explored on foot as the most interesting buildings such as; the Arch of the Viceroys, built in 1597 in commemoration of the arrival of Vasco da Gama in India, the Corinthian-styled Church of St. Cajetan (1651), the Golden Bell, the Basilica of Bom built between 1594 and 1605 as a resting place for the remains of the saint Francis Xavier lying in a silver casket to the right of the altar, his corpse surprisingly well-preserved and many more.

  • Bird Watching: A whole day at some of Goa’s best bird watching sites amidst mangroves, marshes and sandbanks home to a large number of species including Purple Swammphen, Bronze-winged and Pheasant tailed Jacanas, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Lesser Whistling Duck, Asian Open bill, and numerous egrets.

  • Sahakari Spice Farm: This Organic Spice Farm is reputed for the various types of spices grown in a systematic and scientific manner. The spices which are grown in this farm are Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamon, Pepper, Cloves, Chilli, Curry leaves and Ginger.

  • Private river cruise: Starting from the famous Aldona Church jetty, cruise out to sea passing quiet Goan villages & areas rich in bird-life & crocodiles on either side of backwaters. The mouth of the Mandovi River is famous for breath-taking views. It is also a fertile fishing ground for hump-backed and bottle-nose dolphins. The Goan waters are ideal for serving cocktails and dinner in a romantic environment with beautiful sunsets. When darkness sets in, anchor to enjoy your drinks and then come back to Aldona via the same route.
  • By Air - Goa has a domestic as well as an international airport.
  • By Rail - Connected by rail to major cities
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