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This November edition of the Luxe Newsletter brings to you the beauty, elegance, and majestic grandeur of Incredible India.

Savour the vivacity of Goa, our Luxe Destination this month! Also, showcased in this edition is the Jungle Camp Sherbagh in Ranthambore, a Culinary Signature in North India and many more interesting facets of the land.

Plan a visit to India, this winter and join the many festivities and celebrations that are testimony to the rich culture and regal heritage of India.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter as much as we did creating it for you.

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Arjun Sharma
Managing Director

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Luxe Destination   Luxe Destination

Graced with over 100kms of picturesque sandy beaches, the smallest state of India-Goa, with a spirit of its own unmatched anywhere else in the country, is an idyllic destination for an Indian sea holiday. While beaches are no doubt the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking of Goa, yet there is more to discover than sun and sand. Its real charm lies inland-in its meandering waterways traversing paddy fields, its Portuguese flavour evident in the cathedral towers and city architecture, its splendid bazaars and the bustling yet unhurried lifestyle in the capital city of Panjim. Two contrasting atmospheres characterize the two ends of Goa- North & South. North Goa’s appeal lies in its night parties, lively beach bars, water sports and noisy colourful flea markets whereas the original charm of sand & sea are better showcased in South Goa with by far the best beaches for simply lazying under the sun.  Read More....
  Luxe Hotel
  Luxe Hotel

Growing up in Ranthambore under the tutelage of Fateh Singh Rathore, India’s best known tiger conservationist inculcated in Jaisal Singh the love for wilderness and the Tiger. In the pursuit of this passion, together with his nature loving artist wife, he built a place for those in search for an authentic jungle camp experience-Sher Bagh, featuring also on the Relais & Chateaux hotel list. Elegantly done up in the true English style of the 1920s yet unpretentious,  this lodge is situated on the edge of the Ranthambhore tiger reserve, offering wonderful views of the surrounding hills and the countryside. When not game viewing relax by the camp fire chatting with your highly informative hosts and the naturalists, enjoy a pampering massage, go for camel and horse safaris or simply laze around on the pool side with a good book. Read More....

Luxe Signature Journey   Luxe Signature Journey
Culinary Palette

Characterized by the sophisticated use of spices, Indian cuisine is known for its incredible complexity. It has many influences and has in turn influenced other cuisines. Hindu beliefs and culture have played an influential role in the evolution of Indian cuisine. However, cuisine across India also evolved as a result of the subcontinent's large-scale cultural interactions with Mongols from the 14th century onwards to the British from the 17th century onwards making it a unique blend of various cuisines with its own soul. Cooking in India is more than just basic preparation of food. It is a celebration of the rich cultural legacy, which is deeply imbued in the life of people. Led by one of India’s best known food critic-Marryam H Reshi savour, sample and taste the delights of gourmet Northern India on this one of a kind luxury tour and learn about the varied culinary traditions, exclusive culinary facts and tips behind the some of the finest cuisines of India.
Destinations covered: Delhi-Udaipur-Jodhpur-Jaipur-Agra-Lucknow-Delhi Read More....
  Luxe Restaurant
  Luxe Restaurant

Savour the flavour of European Cuisine at the newly opened 24 hour restaurant Mobius at Samrat hotel in the diplomatic enclave of Delhi. An interactive kitchen encompassing innovative menus personally customized by Chef Mayank Tiwari, with the best food influences from across Europe, offer a joyous dining experience for the discerning and well acquainted guest. Some of the restaurant’s signature dishes include; Chevre & Green Apple Roulade, rocket leaves; Grilled Artichoke & Roast Pumpkin Construct; Pan Seared Duck Breast and many more. The beverage menu too has been carefully crafted by Magandeep Singh, India’s first French-certified sommelier. The concept of the Mobius strip, a continuous loop with only one surface, is translated in this round the clock restaurant to create a flowing space that switches effortlessly between its states, from 24 hour restaurant, to bistro and bar, without diluting the experience of either, creating a uniquely modern and comfortable dining experience.
For more information please email: info@luxeindia.in

Luxe Shopping   Luxe Shopping
Hauz Khas Village

A 13th century namesake reservoir, a mosque, a madrasa, the royal tomb of Feroz Shah Tughaq, several crumbling old monuments, combined with quaint shops selling antique ware, Indian designer apparel, vintage movie posters, and buzzing bistros with stunning views-Hauz Khas Village, is the perfect shopper’s paradise. It is indeed a true reflection of the great Indian Paradox with designer brands and posh cafes sitting comfortably amidst a medieval warren. The pleasant labyrinth of narrow lanes, of this once archetypal North Indian village, lined with a medley of old and new structures—expensive shops and art galleries, ending up in a well kept sprawling monument, make for a unique and exciting shopping experience in Delhi.

For more information, please email: info@luxeindia.in
  Luxe In the Know
  Luxe Experience

When an Indian woman decorates her forehead with bindi, she is just following a tradition that goes back at least 5000 years. A cursory look at the ancient paintings, murals from the antiquated Ajanta or Ellora caves, Rajasthani paintings or even sculptures from the ancient temples of India, shows that the forehead of the Indian women is always found decorated with ornaments and more importantly the ‘bindi’. The bindi is arguably the most visually fascinating of all forms of body decoration. It is a dot of red color applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows — a spot considered to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of "concealed wisdom" and the exit point of spiritual energy. Applying a bindi in this ajna spot is supposed to strengthen concentration and retain energy. It is also said to protect against demons or bad luck. The decorative bindi, also called bottu, tilak, tika or kumkum, has long been associated exclusively with Hindu women but, a look at fashion magazines around the world proves that these days are long gone and Bindi today has evolved into a fashion accessory attaining various shapes and colours and is used by women all over the world as a body decoration.
For more information please email: info@luxeindia.in

  Luxe Testimonials

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and those responsible for making our short stay in India, a very pleasant experience. My friend Charlie and I were very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of all your guides. Mr. Mair Singh was a good driver and kept us safe during some crazy experiences on the road! Should my wife and I ever come back to India, we hope to use LUXE services.”

  - John Beveridge (October 2011)  
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