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Horse Polo-The aristocratic game
Luxe DestinationCome January and the Polo season in India begins in Jaipur when the Polo grounds will be filled with equine action, followed by the tournaments in various cities over the next few months. Plan your Indian holiday to witness this sport of sheer beauty, grace and speed, coupled with strength, all of which makes it a special spectator sport, as it allows you take in the thrill and excitement, even if you are not familiar with the rules. Often described as ‘Hockey on Horseback’, one of the oldest and fastest sports in the world, it has its origin lost in the mist of antiquity. History records that the ancient Persians knew the sport and called it ‘Chaughan’ and played it as far back as 2500 years ago, the Chinese too lay claim to a Polo tradition dating back thousands of years but it is India that is the cradle of modern Polo, where it was rediscovered and nurtured by the royalty in medieval times. Patronised by kings and the horsed cavalry polo became the ultimate test of the prowess of princes and warriors. Polo in India was originally played in Gilgit, Chitral and Manipur and was very popular among Mughal emperors as well, being descendants of Persian invaders. British tea planters in India witnessed the game in the early 1800’s in Manipur and drew up the earliest rules. In 1862 the world’s first polo club, Calcutta Polo club was formed and in 1892 the Indian Polo Association was formed. Rajasthan’s princely kingdoms adopted the sport and made it their own and today the Rajasthan polo circuit draws lots of international glare. So, on your visit to India, do catch the action live and if interested take a few lessons and try your hand at this sport of the Kings. We would be happy to arrange Polo lessons for you.
The Polo Calendar for 2013 as per the Indian Polo Association:
  • Jaipur-02 January to 03 February 2013
  • Delhi-05 February to 03 March 2013
  • Mumbai- 04 March to 01 April 2013
  • Bangalore-09 April to 21 April 2013
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