Amethyst was started in March 2000, by Kiran Rao, whose family owns the place. This boutique was initially started to maintain the palace, but has come a long way in providing shopper's an interesting range of products.

One could say that they sell everything under the sun. Antiques, curios, sarees, apparel, quilts, bed spreads, carpets, furniture, food items like honey and ghee, jewellery, diamonds, semi precious stones.... the list is endless and impressive. Most of the items are from across the country, giving customers a wide choice. Some of the novel products are cutlery made of buffalo horn and electroplated nickel silver ware. The clothing and jewellery section showcase works of talented designers like Amarpali and Tarun Talhiani just few names.

An interesting section is the flower shop where one can find Australian flowers like King Proteus and Australian Panksia (which seem to stay fresh forever!) among other flowers and orchids that are specially brought from Bangalore. The flowers are sold here as arrangements along with vases. Some of the flowers are Tiger Lily, Calla Lily and Sunflowers. Amethyst also has a nursery.

Some portions of the huge mansion are converted into exhibition halls and have become a regular jaunt for art and photography exhibitions. Some fashion stores also choose Amethyst as their venue for exhibitions, especially for its ambience and old world charm.
Address: Amethyst at Sundar Mahal, 14 Padmavathi Road (off Llyods Road), Jeyapore Colony, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 596 086.
Phone: 8203582