Neeleshwar Hermitage, Malabar, Kerala

Neeleshwar Hermitage, Malabar, Kerala
Neeleshwar Hermitage, Malabar, Kerala

A place that combines the tranquil and rejuvenating simplicity of a retreat with the comfort and elegance of a first-class hotel. The buildings are constructed in the local idiom of wood and laterite and modeled on palm-thatched fisherman huts. The site overlooks a gloriously unspoiled beach of sand, stretching as far as the eye can see in both directions and giving onto a sea that is clean and safe for swimming, with no sudden drops or strong undertows.

It is also the ideal place to experience the rich culture of Kerala by witnessing the annual festival of "Shree Alinkal Bhadrakali Temple", held in the first week of February. It is a performance of Sacred dances by females, who embody and act like Nagas (Snakes).


The buildings are constructed in the local vernacular of laterite and thatch, with carved and dressed woodwork lovingly fashioned in traditional style by local skilled craftsmen. Each room is decorated with both traditional and contemporary objets d’art. The result is an uplifting sense of elegance and dignity.

There are twelve detached cottages, each positioned so as to give its occupants a sense of sovereign privacy. These are divided as:

  • Eight sea-view cottages.
  • Four garden-view cottages


The Annapurna restaurant, dedicated to the Goddess of Nourishment, offers extraordinarily varied cuisine, incorporating Indian, Middle-Eastern and European flavours. The Annapurna specialises in authentic, predominantly vegetarian food and the cooking skills are honed by the Ayurvedic teaching on the importance of attending to the appearance, balance, flavour, enjoyment and effects of any dish.

It also offers a mouth-watering selection of fresh fish and sea-food at its beachside seafood restaurant, the Meenakshi, where you can sit and be lulled by the sound of waves or spend the evening under the brilliant canopy of stars.

Recreational Facilities:

  • Spa: The Priya Ayurvedic Spa offering Ayurveda, Spa treatments and Naturopathy.
  • Cultural Programs: Apart from an ongoing programme of lectures, musical concerts and dance performances, it offer visits and guided tours to the fascinating hidden aspect of Malabar - local temples and festivals, many of which are not usually seen by tourists. The Hermitage also works closely with local artists, both traditional and modern.
  • Bird Watching: The Hermitage is surrounded by rice fields and coconut groves. The nearest belt of forest is some kilometres away, so in the resort itself one can see grassland species such as chats, robins, warblers, and species that may be seen in open country such as pipits, drongos, babblers etc. The most evident bird of prey is the Brahminy Kite which replaces the Pariah Kite seen commonly in the north. The gardens, with their many varieties of trees and plants, attract a number of species such as sunbirds, white-eyes, mynahs, wagtails and even coucals and woodpeckers. What is more, they can often be seen, frolicking outside, from the window of your cottage.
  • Backwater Cruise: Behind the Hermitage lies a network of secluded backwaters that feed the local paddyfields and eventually open out into the sea. Attractive and spacious houseboats, converted from traditional Keralan rice barges, provide the perfect setting for cool, tranquil and relaxing cruises to refresh the mind and enliven the spirit. During the day one can watch the local life as it unfolds unhurriedly along the banks: people washing clothes, collecting water for the home, working in their gardens, fishing with traditional nets, going to the temple. In the evening the wide variety of local birdlife gathers in flocks to roost for the night while the sky is ravished by a spectacular sunset.
  • Cycling: Behind The Hermitage stretches a large network of small roads and lanes that give the visitor a wonderful experience of local life. The ideal way to explore this hinterland is by bike. You will enter a world of paddy fields, garden compounds, shrines, temples and mosques, and can follow a lovely coastline along which lie traditional fishing villages where boats and nets are made and repaired.

    There are several intriguing routes, taking anything between an hour and half day or more to complete, depending on how long you like to linger and explore.
  • Indian Cookery Classes
  • Yoga & Meditation


  • By Air – Nearest Airport: Mangalore (90Kms)
  • By Rail – Nearest Railway Station: Neeleshwar Town (4Kms))
  • By Road – Bangalore (390Kms); Cochin (360Kms); Calicut (160Kms)

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