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Ahana Parihar -  Concierge Delhi
Born into a Rajput lawyer family in the northern part of India, Ahana made her first solo travel at the age of 10 to Kashmir to spend her vacation with her cousins and has been in love with its beauty ever since. Her ultimate dream destination is Venice and her true loves, other than travelling, include painting, sports, dancing and savouring the street foods of India. Her passion to meet and talk to people, learning new customs & cultures & explaining ours to them brought her into the travel industry. Her ability to understand the client’s needs results in tailored solutions delivered to individual requirements. Her clients describe her as very easy to work with and professional while also being friendly and approachable. Now, four years later, nothing fascinates our concierge more than meeting and talking to our guests and helping them create that perfect & memorable holiday in Incredible India!!!
Amrendra -  Concierge Khajuraho
His army lineage has made him to travel to most parts of India and the world. But not following the family tradition of joining the army, Amrendra instead chose the hospitality industry and began his career in a prominent hotel. Overtime he joined the travel trade which soon became his passion. Taking care of his guests in Khajuraho to their smallest possible needs with such passion turns his guests into his friends and thus makes him our strength in Khajuraho. He believes that even a small gesture extended to a guest can go a long way in making his holiday a success!
Anand Singh -  Concierge Udaipur
Anand, our concierge in the city of lakes, is the man behind the efficient customer services in Udaipur. Anand bears the title of Kunwar and is the elder son to the Landlord of Bamaniya, his native village in Mewar region of Rajasthan. In his quest to do something beyond the usual, in his life, he started his career in hospitality with a front office job in a hotel and soon switched over to travel trade.

After that it has been 21 years and he is continuing his passion along with his profession. He loves to drive his jeep and explore country side constantly looking for extra-ordinary experiences with which to please most of our clients.

Aneesh Babu -  Concierge Cochin
Books, movies, cricket, gadgets and photography is what Aneesh likes to do when he gets some time off from work. He is a true locaphile of Cochin and the surrounding areas and knows how to keep his guests happy.

He will go that extra bit to give you the experience you are looking for and if not busy with the many many guests that visit his city and keep him busy he would love to personally take you around for a photographic journey of Cochin for a unique perspective into the city of Cochin which he now calls his home.

Braham Swaroop Sharma 
To state the cliché, Braham’s journey to the trade started quite young. What’s every travelers delight- to see the pink city- Jaipur, is his hometown. His experience of a holiday in South India made him leave his established career in a BPO call centre and got him addicted to the exotic world of travel and since then there has been no looking back. Working in this industry with the excitement of meeting new people and experiencing new things and the uniqueness of each new travel query coming his way is what fills him with the energy to keep on going and all happy.
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Carlos Nogar -  Concierge Goa
Carlos comes across as a confident, charming person. Born and brought up in the Portuguese outgoing background of Goa, he developed strong passion for music & travelling. He joined the travel world, when introduced to it by his sister in Goa in early 90’s. He now carries a rich 15 year experience in travel and service industry and is also linguistically skilled in French and German, which helps him personally take care of travelers from different nationalities with utmost care. With his knowledge and ever ready to help attitude Carlos is our asset in Goa. He has escorted many celebrated VIP clients, one being the Princes of Monaco, Royal family of Saudi Arabia etc. etc. sailed on the western coast of India in super luxury ships with clients from across the world.
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Gagan Sharma 
Driven by the curiosity and fervour to travel the world and meet people inspired him to learn French language and join travel industry as airport facilitation staff. With over 3 years of experience of handling European clients from up front enabled him to understand better the taste and interest of people coming from all over Europe.

And now with all his previous experience, he has been playing an essential role to facilitate tour planning on operational front and providing all necessary services to the guests during their travel in India.

Geetanjali Dua Taneja 
Coming from a non-travel background, with no formal training in travel but having travelled as a jewelry designer looking for inspiration and interacting with local artisans developed in her a keen interest to explore different cultures and new places and encouraged her to join Luxe India where she is now working as a consultant editor penning down her travel and cultural experiences of India to share with the curious travelers wanting a deeper knowledge about India. Her creative bent of mind lends a unique perspective to designing travel programmes. In addition, her command over French language has enabled her to reach out closely to the French speaking traveler.
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Joe Julian -  Concierge Trivandrum
Following truly the mantra “Atithi Devo Bhava-Guest is God” is what makes Joe passionate about his work. A very jovial, fun loving and friendly person, Joe is a destination expert, with over 10 years of experience. Travelling extensively as a child with his teacher parents have taught him not only discipline in everything he does but also the nitty gritties of travel across India. Following his favorite mantra, he will treat you as his personal guest and ensure all comforts and assistance to you whilst you travel his homeland.
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Kriti Matta 
Born and brought up in the heart of India-Delhi, she has always been eager to travel and see different places in the world but deep down she enjoys Delhi’s summer and its cold winters more than anywhere else in the world. Her personal love for music, dance, shopping and delicious food has made her much sought after by her friends for advise on shopping and new places to explore in the city. Apart from India, she is a big fan of Japan and its culture and is well versed in Japanese language. She is a natural at taking care of people and will go out of the way to help you out in planning the perfect vacation for you and your family.
Kunal Mehra -  Head Concierge Delhi
Born in a Punjabi family based in Amritsar, the land of foodies, Kunal has over 13 years of experience in the hospitality Industry, working at some of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi. A jovial, fun loving and friendly person, he prides himself on being a big foodie and enjoys exploring all great restaurants and eating out joints that the city has to offer, so as to recommend them to our clients and make their stay in India wonderful. He loves the famous Indian street food and tandoori delicacies and when he is not busy eating and enjoying life to the fullest, he loves to drive

around exploring the countryside, being on the constant lookout for extra-ordinary experiences. He is the person to go to if you would like to go on an authentic food tour in the city as he loves arranging them for our clients, customizing them as per their specific requirements.

Nema Visht 
Love and passion to meet different people & to gain knowledge of various regions, culture, religion & history encouraged him to pursue Masters in Tourism and to learn French language and join Luxe India. He has been playing an essential role to facilitate tour planning on operational front and providing all necessary services to the guests during their travel in India.
Prithvi Pal Singh -  Concierge Jaisalmer
Prithvi comes from a small village "Loharki" in Jaisalmer district near Pokaran. He started his career in hospitality industry in 1985 as a local guide and guided celebrities like Paul Mc Cartney, WPO (World President Organization) etc. He has traversed the deserts of India on Camel safaris from Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur to Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. He has also received the "Tourism Award" from His Highness of Jaisalmer (Maharawal Brij Raj Singh) in the year 2012 for his contribution to the travel industry. Prithvi Pal Singh is just the right person to take care of you while in Jaisalmer as he will make sure you take back home unforgettable memories from his home land.
Ruchi Singh 
Equipped with an honors’ degree in English Literature and Advance Diploma in German Language and boundless enthusiasm, Ruchi is our employee dedicated to helping our German customers. Before joining Luxe India, she worked as German Language Teacher. When she is not in the office, she is directing a busy household or playing tunes on her Guitar. Curious and always looking for better ways to solve problems, fun, energetic, and a team player, Ruchi also has keen interest in playing badminton and volleyball.
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Sanghamitra P Sinha 
Sanghamitra caught the travel-bug during her childhood when she used to travel with her parents during school holidays. It is then that she fell in love with her beautiful motherland and joined the travel industry, hence Luxe India after completing her Business degree in Tourism. Her passion inspires her to give greater meaning and depth to the travel experiences of fellow discerning travelers as a tour manager. Besides travelling to new places, meeting the local people and experiencing different cultures, she believes in making a trip memorable by adding on unexpected “wow” moments and little surprises that delights the guests and leave a lasting impression on them.
Shruti Chowdhary 
An imaginative and passionate traveler since childhood – along the with extensive trips around the India in the past decade has given her thorough knowledge of the travel destinations as well as the logistics that come into play for the design and operation of any tour. She loves to explore new destinations and meet new people. Her in-depth knowledge and intimate understanding of the environs & the sub-continent, combined with an understanding of the traveler’s requirements is her major asset. She ensures that every aspect of the tour is carefully planned and arranged. She would not hesitate to go that 'extra mile' to create that perfect holiday experience for her guests.
Coming from a Business oriented family Urvashi learned enthusiasm and positive attitude and high way of living. After completing her Bachelor of tourism Administration, she joined travel trade two years ago, to follow

her quest for knowledge, to experience different cultures and religions and most important to serve her Guest best services. Her pleasing personality and enthusiasm helps her go an extra mile every time with every guest. She is a happy go lucky person.

Varun Mathur 
With a desire to cross the conventional boundaries set by his family and to fly away to new destinations and explore places where no one in his family had ever gone to, made him choose travel as a career..

And now with over 03 years experience as the Delhi Concierge for Luxe India, interacting with the guests first hand, has given him a fine understanding of clients needs and perspectives enabling him to give key advices to tour managers on handling of the clients and that makes him an important link between the guest and the tour manager. His pleasing personality and willingness to be of assistance to guests anytime, has made him popular among repeat clients.

Venkatesh B. 
Prior to joining us, Venkatesh’s immediate past assignment was with Devi Resorts as their Head Sales & Marketing for past 10 years, where he has been instrumental in building the image of Devi Garh as a premium luxury brand. Previously, he has also spent over 15 years with Taj Group of Hotels, managing their properties across North India. Venkatesh brings with him 25 plus years of vast experience in marketing luxury tourism to Europe and the Far East.
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Vijay K Srinivvasan  
I love to travel & best of all sample cuisines of various places, both street food and if wallet can afford, then go for fine-dining. After being around for over 28 years in the travel trade apart from having a varied travel experience is building friendship and relationship with people from all over the world. Traveling has made me richer with knowledge of those places, having varied inter-actions and experiences and best of all trying local cuisines of the place. I am ever ready to share my travelogue with anyone. This is specially so for India, as I feel no other country can match the amazing diversity and experiences that it offers. I consider myself very Lucky to live and work with my passion & travel to dream destinations.
Vishal Mehra 
Born into a Family where his Father was working for an Airline, Vishal was used to travelling from the very young age, having visited most of South East Asia by the time he was 10 and Major European Countries by the time he was 15. Travel seemed to be where his Heart was and 21 Years later, having travelled the Length and Breath of India, Nepal and Bhutan as a German and English Speaking Trip leader, he still enjoys “Traveling and meeting people, Experiencing different Cultures and Helping people understand ours” . He believes that “A Country as Diverse and Culturally Rich as India cannot be covered in one lifetime and yet every Journey through this country lasts a lifetime”.
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