Mihirgarh, Jodhpur-Rajasthan

Mihirgarh, Jodhpur-Rajasthan
Mihirgarh, Jodhpur-Rajasthan

Mihirgarh, meaning the sun fortress, is owned by The Rohet family who is amongst the best and keenest horsemen in Rajasthan and boast some of the finest horses in their stables. They have created a one of a kind hotel to experience the dessert lifestyle of Rajasthan whilst staying in the comforts of a luxury hotel.


09 luxury suites each with a private terrace-
• 01 Mihir Suite-Two bedroom family suite with plunge pool and private deck attached to the Master Bedroom.
• 05 Alishan Suites each with a private courtyard and a plunge pool.
• 03 Shandaar Suites each with a private terrace and Jacuzzi.

• Several lounge and bar areas, a dining room and a barbeque terrace.
Recreational Activities:
• Spa with two Massage rooms
• Swimming pool
• Yoga
• Village Safaris showcasing the best of rural India including the wildlife.
• Royal Picnics
• Camel cart Excursions and Camel Safaris.
• Horse riding safaris in the countryside with a Grade 1 instructor.
• An extensive equestrian program showcasing their indigenous breed of Horses called ‘Marwari’.
• Nearest Airport/Railway Station-Jodhpur (55Kms)

For more information please email: info@luxeindia.in