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We are pleased to share with you, comments received from our esteemed clients who
traveled recently through Luxe India.

Hi Kunal,

John and I have just returned from a very memorable meal at Indian Accent. The lunch was, by far, the best meal we had in India, and one of the best meals we have ever had. The venue, food and service were all extraordinary. Thank you very much for treating us. We did not expect this. It was unnecessary, but greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, also, for your help throughout our stay. Your attention to all of the details of our trip made for a most enjoyable time. .

The trip just whetted our taste of your beautiful country. We hope to return sometime soon.

Hallie and John, Hong Kong, October –November 2014

Dear Kunal,

We are so very appreciative of everything you did for us on our wonderful trip to India! You were always very professional but personal at the same time. You went out of your way to make sure everything was happy! I thank you for being so organized and keeping everything moving. You were really knowledgeable and always knew the answers to every question. You made the trip meaningful and fun!
I thank you once again!

The driver and assistant always smiled and were always very professional and helpful.

We were happy with Luxe and hope to travel again with Luxe in future.

-Dr. Janelle Gardener, Canada, June 2014

“Tout d'abord, je voudrais vous faire connaître notre grande satisfaction en ce qui concerne notre voyage en Inde avec Tapis rouge dont l'organisation a été irréprochable.
Notre guide et chauffeur ont été excellents et nous ont fourni un service et confort de qualité et nous serions heureux de les recommander pour de futurs voyages.
En ce qui concerne la chaîne Oberoi, les hôtels choisis étaient grandioses et le service également.
Si nous devions refaire une autre partie de l'Inde, nous n'hésiterions pas à recourir à vos services à nouveau.
Bien à vous’’

-Mm. Langmuir, France (February 2014)

Hello Vishal,
Sorry to miss you in Delhi. However, I had an outstanding day there all the same, with Vikram Kalra as my guide. He is the best guide I have ever had in India (and I have had some excellent ones). I would have not had this experience if it hadn't been arranged by Luxe India, so I really appreciated it. And of course, the opportunity to spend Diwali with a family in Varanasi was memorable as well.As you know, the weather wasn't the best at the beginning . . . but some things are beyond our control! It was a great trip all the same.
It's funny . . . there is always one day when I hit a bit of a low patch(this happened on my previous two trips to India as well). I guess it just makes all the rest seem even better. On this trip, I spent time in areas where I saw NO other tourists . . . it was amazing to be off the beaten track. Sometimes it was a bit challenging, with people staring at me constantly. But it was definitely worth it!

And the concierge, Ahana -- she is really great at her job. Warm, friendly, smart, organized . . . . And she always followed up and resolved any minor questions and issues that came up.

I wrote quite a bit on the feedback form, but I hope it didn't seem negative, as that was definitely not my intention. Just a few observations that I hope are useful. Nothing is perfect, but I would not hesitate to recommend Luxe to anyone travelling to India -- and in fact, as you know, I already have. My friends Robbie and Gary are there now!

And I am planning to come back and travel with Luxe again, perhaps in 2015.

Vishal . . . thanks for everything . . . hope you are well . . .all the best,

-Janet Tomkins, Vancouver (October-November 2013)

We had a very amazing time in India and loved the people, sites, and food!
So much of this is due to Luxe India and their attention to detail. We are very grateful for your recommendation!
Gary said it was "first class."
Many thanks,

Robbie, Vancouver (November 2013)

Hi Kunal,
How you doing? We are safely arrived in our country last week Wed because of you all. I am back to work know after nearly 4 weeks of holiday wished I had more time. The weather here is very bad, only wished this rain goes to India. We would like to thank you for all yours and the team support, care, great team work and excellent service which yourself and your company has provided for us. I would recommend all my family and friends to go through your service. We really enjoyed all parts of India. India is very beautiful. But we had less time; maybe sometime in future we will come again. Whenever you come to New Zealand give us a call. Once again thank you.

-Praveena Lata Singh, November 2013 (New Zealand)

Mrs. Nancy de Ceuster & Mr. Erwin Van Tendeloo (July 2013)

“Everything was perfect! Very very good organization. We had a very good driver!”

After arriving in Spain, and unwind from a long trip, I send the email I promised. The trip to your beautiful country has been fantastic. Everything worked very well and the care of you could not be better. I will recommend your agency to all my friends who want to travel to India, and I will, I promise. I wish you luck in your life and that everything will go well.

Sol de Blas and Ucín (March 2013)

A few lines from Barajas Airport on my way to Lima, to thank you for the excellent service received in all the journey. Yesterday night we had the last dinner and I asked everyone to talk about their impressions and feelings and most of them would like to return again to India and each lady mentioned in their short speeches, how good was the guide and his passion to share all his knowledge. I appreciate your effort since the first e-mail I received until the last day! Also I want to thank you for the present, I haven´t open it yet because I put it in my luggage but I know I will love it.

Rosy Spak, Peru (March 2013)

Arohi, Teesta, Sanghamitra and Vijay, thanks to all of you for putting us together with Dinesh for a great day in Old Delhi today. We saw interesting things, found some treasures to take home, had good conversations, learned a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We wish we had more time to spend with him but will just have to wait until our next visit.

Jack & Alice (March 2013)

Thank you and all your staff in India for organizing such an excelllent trip for us. We've sent back our feedback form but I just wanted to add my appreciation for all the upgrades (Amarvilas was a very obvious one, my husband mentioned that the wonderful room we had at the Imperial in Delhi also was), roses and cakes that came our way. It was an anniversary and a journey to remember.

Again, we send our thanks and highest regards to all who assisted us.

Ms. Andrea booth (February-March 2013)

“Nous venons de terminer le voyage privé en Inde. Nous en sommes trés satisfaits, et tenons à vous présenter nos félicitations pour la qualité des services de votre représentant là bas , LUXE INDIA.

Il a assuré un suivi journalier continu aussi bien avec leurs guides , leurs chauffeurs que leurs cadres. Bravo !’’

Gonzalvez Christianne, (Februray-March 2013)

It was a wonderful , excellent & well organized tour by Luxe India . we enjoyed it a lot .Guide services was excellent and they all are top end guides . Oberoi Amar villas was beautiful and luxurious beyond our expectations . At the time of checking In we were upgraded into suite which was surprise for us , I’m assuming we were taking an anniversary trip .

We really like concierge services in Delhi it was very use full. Very nice to have our anniversary noted at every stop – “ a surprise for us “ .

Mr. Joseph Ozawa & Ms. Andrea booth (February-March 2013)

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip in India with Luxe India and I will certainly be recommending your company to others who may be traveling in India, in fact I did this today with some friends. I am still sorting photos, but certainly have some that I am very pleased with.

-Julie (February 2013)

Luxe India has again done an incredible job in organizing a fantastic trip which ran like clockwork. Everyone from the concierge to the driver was exemplary. The choice of hotels was also great. Thank you and see you again!

Baldev Singh and Party (March 2013)

Luxe has made India very accessible for us and given us a very positive and genuine experience. The holiday was tailored to suit our personal wishes. We will highly recommend Luxe to our friends.

Mr Anthony & Mrs. Annabelle Morgan (February 2013)

I love India !! Every single day and night was so perfect .everything was beyond my expectation .This is my first time to feel like recommending any kind of services to my people home . I will definitely use your wonderful services again in near future . Thanks for everything .

Mr. Choi Joon Ho & Ms. Quek Sue Yian ( February 2013 )

Overall , a very well planned trip , the driver and guide was well chosen . we did not encounter any problems. The hotels were all top quality ..we would highly recommended this tour again.

Ms. Lucy Sun & Friends (Virginia yee) (January- February 2013)

Overall, a great trip and we really enjoyed the experiences and the services of escort. We were very happy with his assistance. The sites we visited were very interesting and cultural and we loved the information provided by the guide. Ranthambore was their favorite destination and were lucky enough to see a tiger very close up. Rare experience!
we really liked the Dastkar women's market near Ranthambore . we would like to recommend Luxe services to our country home.

Mr. Kerwin Patrick clayton & family ( February 2013 )

Overall, I and ,my mother really enjoyed the trip and were very pleased with the hotels, guides, drivers, and itinerary. Driver was extremely clean, well groomed, punctual, and also safe. we loved the Ranthambore Safari (although we did not see any tigers) we stayed overnight in Rawla Narlai and really enjoyed the Step Well Dinner provided by the hotel. Also said the drive between Narlai and Udaipur was the most beautiful scenery on the trip. Jain Temple was a highlight. Guide in Agra was our favorite and he is writing a book about The Taj Mahal. Very Knowledgeable ,Guide in Udiapur was another favorite and also very helpful, attentive, and knowledgeable.

Ms. Roushana Sjahsam & Ms. Paula (December-January 2013 )

Greetings from the 40th floor of the Stamford on our last night here.

The India trip was wonderful. Luxe India's organization was faultless and their service level was exceptional. Same for Kathmandu. Dwarikas was such an interesting place. Thank you for the dinner at the Hanwant Mahal in Jodphur. It was lovely and especially so because we got the pre-Dewali fireworks display from the Umaid Bhawan next door! Would highly recommend the upgrade to the Lake Palace in Udaipur. It really is a special and unique experience.We really enjoyed the Manvar desert camp and Rawla Narlai for the different perspective they offered from the cities.The Imperial in Delhi is very Raffles like. Suraygarh and the Amarvilas Oberoi in Agra were also wonderful but sadly the Taj Mahal was visible only fleetingly both from our hotel window and in person because of the smog/ fog which was blanketing.

Am in the process of doing Tripadvisor reviews, about halfway through India. Tag is 'Aussieexpats, Singapore' with a bear in flying goggles as the picture so you can follow in more detail if you want.

Thank you for all the organizing. Paul still wants the Tibet trip so please let us know if and when that becomes more possible. Planning for 2 months in Europe next year so feel free to share any good deals!

Mr. Paul Wallace & Mrs. Jan Wallace ( November 2013)

Thanks again for all of your help in getting me the rabies vaccine for my return trip to China. It was very much appreciated. Under the circumstances, I still enjoyed my trip to the Himalayas. The scenery was absolutely stunning and the whole trip was very well organized. I have some fabulous photographs, some great memories and souvenirs. I am recovering quite nicely thanks to the assistance. I had my third rabies injection last Sunday and I will have two more before the end of the month. Everything should be fine.

Once again, thank you for your support and for organizing a great trip to the Himalayas. I hope to visit India again in the near future for which I will not hesitate to use Luxe India again.

Ms. Caroline Moziar ( March 2012 )

“Greetings from the 40th floor of the Stamford on our last night here. The India trip was wonderful. Luxe India's organization was faultless and their service level was exceptional. Same for Kathmandu. Dwarikas was such an interesting place. Thank you for the dinner at the Hanwant Mahal in Jodphur. It was lovely and especially so because we got the pre-Dewali fireworks display from the Umaid Bhawan next door! Would highly recommend the upgrade to the Lake Palace in Udaipur. It really is a special and unique experience.

We really enjoyed the Manvar desert camp and Rawla Narlai for the different perspective they offered from the cities. The Imperial in Delhi is very Raffles like. Suraygarh and the Amarvilas Oberoi in Agra were also wonderful but sadly the Taj Mahal was visible only fleetingly both from our hotel window and in person because of the smog/ fog which was blanketing.

Thank you for all the organizing.

- Jan & Paul, Singapore (November 2012)

I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent preparation ,organisation and activities of your staff for our trip through Rajestan.
Beginning with all pick ups and check in in hotels up to having excellent driver everything was perfect prepared.Please take my compliments for the driver,who did very good job and we felt always safe and comfortable. The special highlight was our guide . Not only his perfect german and by accident his relationship to our hometown Wiesbaden but also the way he guided us was something special.
We were very happy to have him as our guide because his personality ,his knowledge and his ability to adapt the ideas and wishes of his customers. He is a very friendly open minded person and we always felt comfortable with him. His outstanding knowledge regarding indian culture,history,religion and other aspects of life in India helped us get an understanding of your country.
It will take us some time to realize and to memorize all our impressions.

Congretulations to all. You did a great job and we felt like being with friends.

Dr. Jochem Tietze, Germany (November 2012)

“I want to tell you how much we enjoyed meeting you in Delhi, and how happy we were with the arrangements you made for our travel. We felt very fortunate to be looked after so well, by yourself and the other Luxe India employees. We loved being in Delhi and thought "it can't get any better than this" but it did! Each day was an exciting new adventure. Everyone we met was so helpful and kind, including people we met in the street. We truly believe that India is the happiest place on earth.

As you know, it wasn't our first trip to India but we were very pleased to find that the things we remembered, the things we enjoyed 30 years ago were still there: great food, kind and friendly people and a colourful, vibrant lifestyle. This time, however we were very excited to be booked into such lovely hotels. It would be too difficult to say we had a favourite; the Taj hotels were all beautiful, and the service was outstanding.

We would certainly recommend Luxe India to other travellers heading your way. I want to thank the concierge for the way she quietly dealt with any questions or problems we had. We always knew that she was just a phone call away.”

Frances Sinton & Simon Damerell, New Zealand (October 2012)

First of all, I would like to express my highest appreciation for the great arrangement of Luxe India for our trip. We all have a wonderful time in India, no matter myself, these participants from Taiwan and Hong Kong. All tour are well-organized and tour guides are doing their jobs with their highest professionalism.

Mr. Jeremy Lin, Taiwan , March 2012

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your assistance with my recent trip to India with my sister, Theadora, and our friend, Kaye Kannis. As always, the land arrangements were impeccable and the drivers and guides provided by Luxe Tours and Travels in India were outstanding, particularly the guide we had for our tour to Mahabalipuram – she was brilliant. The drivers were the best I have experienced so far in my 5 trips to India.

Anne Sideris, Australia, February 2012

Mrs Rinckenbach phoned to me yesterday morning, so delighted for their trip. She told me that it was the most beautiful and memorable trip that she made. Organization, hotels, drivers, guides sites, everything was perfect. So thank you so much again for the quality of your follow up.

Mr. Puyo & Mrs. Rinckenbach, France, January’12

We flew into HK this morning and this is a quick message to thank you so much for putting together a fabulous programme in India. Luxe India looked after us extremely well – courteous and proficient driver, knowledgeable guides and all of their representatives extremely helpful and accommodating. We filled in their comments form before we left so they know how pleased we were with the service we received. The hotels we stayed at were superb, especially the Taj Rambagh in Jaipur and we were looked after royally everywhere we stayed. The standard of car was excellent, the driver’s English was good, and Luxe India’s decision to give us a local mobile phone was invaluable.

In the event, we decided to take a car and driver from Agra to Delhi instead of the train on Tuesday, which enabled us to leave Agra earlier (there isn’t much to see there for a whole day) and to arrive into Delhi earlier where we enjoyed initial sights in daylight and had a whole evening at the majestic Imperial Hotel. The driver and representatives were most accommodating. Renewed thanks and Kung Hei Fat Choy.

Mrs. & Mr. Livingstone, Hong Kong, January’12

I have been meaning to write to you for a while - I just wanted to thank you for organising all my holiday arrangements in Mumbai during my family's visit in December 2011. The Trident hotel was fantastic - the inter-connecting rooms were perfect with an amazing view of Marine Drive and the sea. Our tour guide for the 2 days was brilliant. She was an absolute pleasure, my family and I really enjoyed her company.

Kiran Rana Bains, (December 2011)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and those responsible for making our short stay in India, a very pleasant experience. My friend Charlie and I were very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of all your guides. Mr. Mair Singh was a good driver and kept us safe during some crazy experiences on the road! Should my wife and I ever come back to India, we hope to use LUXE services.

John Beveridge (October 2011)

The phone is a excellent idea. May be the contact could be put on business card size, as this could fit in your wallet and make it easier to remember number. Even without my bags, this trip has been good. Thanks to all who have made this trip what it was. Many thanks to both Varun (Delhi) and Dinesh (Driver in Agra) for the “little extra” efforts they made.

Thanks Luxe India!

Ann Manning, Australia (September-October 2011)

"Would like to thank Luxe India for arranging this wonderful trip. Many thanks to everyone involved"

Ms. Lilia Ivanchenko, Greece (March’11)

"All representatives and drivers were punctual (or early), polite, pleasant and professional in all areas. Also very helpful and eager to please, adding lots of enjoyment and information; we felt safe and at ease. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip through India with Luxe India."

Mr. Ian McDonald and Mrs. Deborah Campbell, Australia (February-March’11)

"It was a wonderful trip-one of our family’s favorite to date! Our guide was particularly good. He engaged our children in our touring which positively adds to our whole experience. He was honest, knowledgeable and forthright. He accommodated changes to our itinerary so we were able to visit with friends and see things that we were interested in. Thank you for a memorable experience!"

Mr. Andrew Elcik, Hong Kong (February’11)

"With a bit of emotional distance to the wonderful country of India I would like to deeply thank you for the wonderful cooperation, the perfect itinerary of the tour to the North and the South and the impressing experiences we lived through due to the competent and warm organization of Luxe India. Thousand thanks for always being at our disposal!! We felt very safe in your hands."

Romy Borchers, Germany (September-October'10)

"My holidays are already over and I am back at work. I would like to thank you and your team so much for this incredible trip which you arranged for me. In all my years as travel agent I never experienced such a good service and care of the customers! I am really speechless ! All the hotels were fantastic and the guides were very nice and professional.."

Dounia Mnajja, Switzerland (September'10)

"Luxe India-The Best way to discover this country."

Gilles Cotillon, France (August'10)

"We had an amazing time and you did a wonderful job. We will be back probably next year. For the same period, but next time we will spend longer in each place. 3 nights minimum. Thank you once again for all your efforts. It was good to see you on our last day."

Andrew Lavery, UK (March-April'10)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making my "first" trip to India so memorable. All the arrangements which were made were just perfect l. The tours, guides and hotels were the best I have experienced on any tour that I have been on. From the moment I stepped off the plane in Delhi where I was met and given the cell phone for contacts to the time I was taken on my last day in Delhi to the airport for my return flight everything was handled perfectly. In each area that I was in there was a concerned informed guide who made this trip special. You guides in each area were first class and very professional. Your staff of concierges in each area was most helpful and friendly. I really received a wonderful insight of Indian hospitality from you and want to thank you for making my trip so special.

Thank you again for showing me the "best" of your country."

Nory Kominsky, USA (April'10)

"I would like to thank you for all your efforts and kindness in helping us set up the trip of a lifetime with the women of the family! It will be in our memories forever and we cannot stop talking about how great every day of India was. We are definitely planning to go to the South of India as our next girls' trip :) Thank you again".

Lynn Shanshal, Lebanon (March-April'10)

"I would like to thank you for a very well organized well rounded trip. We had a taste of different aspects of India that whetted our appetite for more. All our friends and family here are anxious to do the same trip so don't be surprised if you get contacted for more trips, weather permitted. India as we saw is at last coming to its great place as a great economy and a unique culture. Thanks again and inshallah we well do more trips together in the future."

Hiba Abboud Shanshal, Lebanon (March-April'10)

"I must express my thanks and gratitude to all those who made our trip a dream venture, a comfortable journey and a successful trip. Traveling in India the way my niece planned it was not easy for me to imagine. We have traveled by plane, train and bus and visited cultural, historical and religious sites. I even went into a tiger safari and took an elephant ride. All went well thanks to all the nice guides that gave us the confidence that we are in good hands. Also thanks to the drivers who were careful and polite. I really enjoyed being in India with my family. I really extend my thanks to my niece Miss Shanshal to Miss Geetanjali and all those who made our trip unique in many ways. The best thing I learned from India is that I have now many new questions about the world and myself. India changes something inside those who take things for granted.

Thanks for all and for Luxe India"

Hosn Sawaf Abboud, Lebanon (March-April'10)

"We would like to thank you and everyone on our tour for the excellent service and attention to detail we received in all the cities we visited. All your guides, concierges and drivers were most helpful and accommodating. We were especially impressed by the amazing driving skills of Anu, our driver. We would highly recommend LUXE to all our relatives and friends in Singapore and Canada for an extraordinary and unforgettable trip to India."

Amy Cheng, Canada (January-February'10)

"We are still under the impact of our short visit to India. Everyone was so kind and helpful to us that turned our beautiful trip into an unforgettable one. I heard so many interesting stories about India from our people at Globo, that I had high expectations. But you managed to surpassed them. No wonder that our production "Caminho das Indias" was such a great success in Brazilian television, with the help of people like you (Luxe India), Rohit and your colleagues, it could be nothing less. Thank you very much for everything. We hope to come back."

Jorge Nobrega - Globo Television ,Brazil (November'09)

"Now that we are back home, I'd like to tell you that are trip was wonderfull! India is a fascinating country and we were very well taken care of by everybody from Luxe India. Everything was very well organized and we will for sure not only recommend your services to our friends but also contact you again in the future for other trips. And I personally loved the travel journal!"

Catarina Anastacio, Portugal (October-November'09)

"To Everyone at Luxe India",

"Returned from India 3 weeks ago. We travel to India, once or twice a year, on business. This time, we were venturing to new territory, Kolkata. A travel web site, suggested we should contact Luxe India for assistance in organizing this portion of our trip. Everyone at Luxe was extremely helpful, friendly, and sensitive to our needs... we needed to make some changes to the itinerary. My initial sense was that Luxe India primarily caters to the first-time visitor to India~ where the itinerary is set from beginning to end. We posed a challenge! We are veteran travelers in India, and had unexpected needs. The challenge that we posed, was, in reasonable time, met with graciousness and understanding.

In sum, we were thoroughly impressed by the flexibility and professionalism demonstrated by the entire Luxe India staff. Thank you for providing a steady anchor for us, during our visit. While moving around independently throughout India, it was comforting to know that you were there for us, to make necessary arrangements. We look forward to referring others to you."

Barbara Denhoff Dworkin, USA,(October' 09)

"I returned home yesterday from the best trip I've ever had in 33 years of travel to 44 countries. Vijay...It was a pleasure to meet you and have such an enjoyable and delicious dinner with you and your charming family at the Barbecue Nation. My sincere thank you and kudos to all of your excellent staff who took the very best care of me while traveling and enjoying "Incredible India." The properties were all wonderful, and it was particularly interesting to stay at the palaces.... Samode Haveli and Deogarh Mahal. The concierges and guides at each location were excellent. I still dream of that 24 hour dahl and of all the other luxurious flavors I experienced at the restaurants and hotels during the trip. My driver was not only a wonderful driver, companion, and guide, but also provided a constant thread in the trip. Mythical, mystical, and magical, India is my new favorite place.

Thanks again for the superlative job by everyone, and I hope we can send you some good business and referrals."

James Adam, USA (August-September'09)

We had the most wonderful tour of South India UNESCO tour thanks to the high level of professionalism and personalized services offered by all the lovely staff at Luxe India.

We were so impressed by such high standards of services and VIP treatment everywhere by everyone.

I travel over a dozen trips a year and have been to over 250 UNESCO sites in over 150 countries and have gone on many tours before. I can highly recommend Luxe Tours as the best tour operator!

Thank you for all the great personalized services we received everywhere and the 24/7 Concierge service. I liked the Preferences survey and cell phone use.

The personalized travel itinerary book was excellent and so professionally done.I have never had a tour operator make such a beautiful unique book for me before. Everything was so well arranged from the special tailor made itinerary, unique hotels, wonderful tour guides and drivers, and all the Concierges and Luxe agents we met.

You have such fantastically high level of services and caring for the tourists. It was so nice of Luxe to arrange a hotel room when our flight was delayed in Trichy although it was not your fault for the airline delay.

You and all the Concierge were so prompt to answer our inquiries. We enjoyed the visit to the orphanage in Pondicherry when the one in Hampi was not nearby. The fortune teller in Badami was very good.

We had the most enjoyable and fabulous trip to India due to Luxe's most professional and outstanding persnalized services.

I will recommend Luxe to everyone.Thank you for ensuring a wonderful unique trip for us to these UNESCO sites. All the best wishes.

Dr.Roberta Wong Leung, Senior Lecturer, Program Leader ABA Hospitality Management, Hong Kong (June-July 09)

All transfers and organizational matters worked very smoothly. The guides were very knowledgeable. Ute and I had a great time during our trip!

Sonja Satl, Germany (June'09)

First we would like to thanks LUXE INDIA for the wonderful service and accommodation provided. We have travelled extensively in our travel years and never have we been hosted like a Maharaja. India indeed is placed well suited in all seasons. Your concierge service in all destinations are prompt and par excellence. This is a unique service of LUXE INDIA.

Sunny Goh, Singapore (May-June'09)

First of all, thank you very much for your hospitality! Looking back I really have nice memories about our trip and the glimpses of beautiful history and culture of your country.

Inga Bytaute, Lithuania (April'09)

It is just a quick note to tell you that we arrived sound and safe and that we left a piece of our hearts with you in India. We will try to express in words how thankful we are to have experienced this amazing country of yours.

Carlos Stucky & Lisiane Jaquet, Brasil (April'09)

Dear Vijay, I thank you for the wonderful familiarization trip organsied for us to travel across to Agra and Rajasthan. It was the most enlightening and education trip I have ever attended. I will use my new-found knowledge of India to now build new and exciting tours to India for 2009 and beyond. I must also take this opportunity to commend you on having a wonderful and supportive staff who have demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism I have ever experienced. I am confident that my client will be in good hands with Luxe India.

Chris Martin, USA (April '09)

Everyone was very effecient and attentive. Preparation work has been done very well. All the documents and packages given upon arrival was very professional and informative. A very pleasant trip indeed and will surely recommend your services to my friends on a personal basis.

Ms. Cecilia Leung, Hongkong (April'09)

Everyone has been excellent. Thank you Vineet for organising this trip. You have a great team!

Jay & John Benton, New Zealand (February-March'09)

I have so enjoyed my stay and Luxe India has exceeded my expectations. I have been to India 3 times before and love your wonderful country. Luxe India has been excellent!

Faith Taylor, New Zealand (Feb-March'09)

We've had a wonderful holiday in India. Everywhere we've visited have had its special magic- a highlight would be seeing the Ranthambore tigers. We were so lucky. We appreciate all the extra touches from Luxe India, especially you Vineet. They've made this a hassle free trip. We return to quiet New Zealand with very happy memories. Many Thanks!

John Benton, New Zealand (Feb-March'09)

Excellent trip to India. We found Luxe India very present and organised, that made us feel confident all the time. Thank You!

Ms. Adinair Ferreira & Mr. Arthur Wolkovier, Brazil (January 2009)

We would appreciate to express all our gratitude and recognition for all the help and support to her during Jessica's stay in India. She was a little worried at the time of her arrival in Delhi, in the beginning of the trip, but after some days she already get used with almost everything and was able to be more calm. She loved very much the trip, the courses, the way of life, the people of India and for sure she (and maybe us...) will be back more times to India. I intend to give your site on the internet if somebody asks for some directions, because of her stay there, I have no doubt.

We do not know how to express in words all your help and kindness about her. She said the persons during the transfers and particularly during the train trips was invaluable. You made all eforts possible to facilitate her journey there, and this is priceless!!!

Rogerio Mimessi, Brazil (January 2009)

"I just finished guiding two groups in North India using Luxe India as my local operator and I would like to commend the services that I received as whole and in special from Mr. Pawan from the Delhi Office. After 20 years working in as a tour operator and as a guide and have worked with many local operators I am well qualified to judge the services provided by them and by their employees. I couldn't be happier with the services, attention, care and professionalism that I received from Mr. Pawan and his staff in Delhi , Jaipur, Agra , Kajuraho and Varanasi. The system of well qualified butlers in every city provides an invaluable help for the guide and tranquility for the clients. As an example, one of my clients had a medical problem and on arrival in Jaipur there was a doctor waiting at the hotel who personally took care of her so that I could keep my program with the rest of the group. This was arranged by Mr. Pawan and the Jaipur representative.
Regarding the recent events in Mumbai, I felt that it didn't affect my trips in any way. There were more security measures in hotels and monuments but other than that I felt that the situation was quite normal. I didn't feel unsafe in any way and my clients didn't feel, in the end of their trip, that was a dangerous place. I am quite happy to continuing bringing clients to this wonderful tourist destination."

Mr Manoel Morgado, Brazil (December 2008)

"This was an exceptional tour! The last day at Travancore was a perfect ending for a great holiday. The attention to detail through the whole trip didn’t go unnoticed!."

Janet Tink, Canada (October-November 2008)

"Our introduction to India was incredible. Our concierge, guides and drivers were wonderful. They were very attentive to all our needs. Thank you for choosing the right staff for these jobs."

Eileen Rodgers, Canada (October-November 2008)

"A great big thanks to Vineet for arranging this memorable holiday, accompanying us so aptly and treating us like family. All accommodations, concierges and guides gave me a wonderful overview of India, its culture, the land, its religions and a variety of experiences. Luxe India will be recommended to everyone who expresses an interest in visiting this amazing and diversified country."

Joanne Baker, Canada (October-November 2008)

"A beautiful experience. A wonderful way for me to feel comfortable while still experiencing India. The concierges we had in all the cities took care of our every need- we felt very well received."

Margaret Petrin, Canada (October-November 2008)

"My wife and I have the highest praise for your company. You took impeccable and professional care of us, provided us with security and safety, and with excellent, always on time local arrangements at every step of the way. We plan to tell our friends and relatives about you and we personally hope to use your services again. Cheers, and thanks again."

Mark and Lee Bernstein, Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto (October 2008)

"I enjoyed the tour very much considering the fact that it had a good support by the local people, good hotels, great itinerary, good food & ofcourse great people. I am carrying back good memories of your country for sure!"

Ms. Monica Carvalho, Brazil (September 2008)

"Everyone was extremely kind & generous with our 5 yr old daughter. Takes the toil out of travelling with a young child. Very relaxing & highly recommended! Thank you, for the kind hospitality of the people in Kerala."

Annie Bornet, Singapore (August 2008)

"Excellent service with everything very well organized. Very useful to have the mobile phone to stay in contact with everyone throughout the trip. All of your staff was extremely friendly and helpful."

Mr. Edward Parker, UK (August 2008)

"Very impressed by the level of service & professionalism showed by Luxe personnel especially the concierge & the knowledgeable tour guides. Vehicles were very comfortable & clean, with the driver highly courteous. Very satisfied with the trip overall. Everything was well organized."

Mr. Tan Ching Yong (August 2008)

"Our journey in India was very successful and will stay in our minds for quite a long time. Thanks a lot to you and to the Cochin office for the professional officering and all the care you showed following my wound. I have now completely recovered.

My favourite places were Kumarakom, Madurai, the road to Munnar, Munnar and its surroundings (a paradise on earth), Kabini and Fort Cochin. In Conoor, we finally had a very nice dinner evening (Italian food and excellent Indian singer), we enjoyed it a lot and forgot our first impression. It's a fact that the resort itself was beautiful but offered little opportunities to see things outside the place. In addition when we arrived the weather was cooler.

Special remark concerning the people of South India: they are really smily, open and friendly everywhere. We enjoyed it a lot. Finally, the standards of the hotels were what we expected."

Ms Christiane Denis, International Federation of Journalists, Brussels (July 2008)

"We arrived back in HK and are exhausted from our fantastic trip.Everyone was very accommodating and knowledgeable and we all felt very well taken care of. Thank you for everything- the trip was wonderful! "

Ms Grace Ishiki, Hongkong (May 2008)

"I am back again in Munich I received the book containing wonderful pictures of India. Thank you very much for this very interesting gift and the excellent service your firm and its staff provided to me and my friends in Rajasthan. Good luck for you and your family, kind regards."

Ms Marianne Waldenmaier, Germany (March 2008)

"Luxe India is perfect!"

Laura Simoes, Brazil (February 2008)

"The driver was outstanding drove safely was kind and the assistant was careful!"

Ms Priscilla Romanizio, Singapore (February 2008)

"We are so happy with our tours, guides their ability to share the information so clearly. Thank you – we really enjoyed our trip."

Mr. Michael & Mrs. Cheryl Rekuc, Singapore (January 2008)

"We have been absolutely delighted with every aspect of our trip to India organized by Luxe India. We particularly thank Pawan Sharma for helping us with the planning of our holidays and also for helping our daughter-in-law, Madeleine Morris, with her last minute changes. We shall certainly be recommending the services of your company to our friends."

Ms Mary Douglas & Family, Australia (January 2008)

Dear Luxe India,
"On the whole, a great tour. Well organised by Philippa and the team. Keep up the good work!"

Matthew Bonning Snook, UK. (January 2008)

Dear Ms Sanghamitra,
"Thank you very much for helping us arrange the tour of Mathura / Agra / Bharatpur and Jaipur. We had a good time. At most places, the arrangements were good. I have individually highlighted and thanked the persons who helped us in our tour and made it a memorable one. Last but not the least, you have been very patient and helpful through out.You were very prompt and meticulous in your replies to my e-mails, and made all the arrangements as close to perfection as possible - thank you. Here's wishing you and everyone else in the team a very happy 2008."

Dr JJ Mukherjee, Singapore. (January 2008)

"The Guide was excellent!"

Alma Lawrie, Dubai (December 2007)

Dear Luxe India,
"Travel agency YANA pays its highest respect to you. On behalf of family Stolar we would like to thank you for wonderful trip over India organised by your company. They were impressed by hotels, SPA and excursions and Indian culture. We hope they will tell their friends about India and we will get more and more VIP clients."

Yulia Kriventseva, Ukraine. (November 2007)

Dear Vineet,
"Thank you so much for the welcome email. I was delighted with the excellent service and travel arrangements provided through your company. In particular, the gentleman in the airport who facilitated our check in and maneuvering through the airport was an excellent service and relieved much anxiety on my part. The visit to the Taj Mahal was wonderful and I appreciated having a car and driver, it made the trip much more bearable, and the guide in Agra was very knowledgeable, unfortunately we ran out of time because of our schedule. Also, thank you for the lovely dinner, excellent company and a fine evening, I appreciate your thoughtfulness."

Donelda Laing, Canada. (November 2007)

Hi Vineet,
"Just wanted to follow up with you to let you know we had a fabulous time. Kerala was spectacular – amazing scenery, friendly people, we LOVED it. Thanks for your help in planning our very first India holiday. We hope there will be many more and will be in touch when that is the case."

Monica Figueiredo. USA. (November 2007)

Dear Vijay,
“Our trip to the backwaters to Kerala in November 2007 remained an indelible highlight in our holiday calendar for the year". The itinerary for the 6 nights and 7 days that Luxe India planned and executed was outstanding and matched the promise of “God’s Own Country” that Kerala offered. Luxe India spared no effort to ensure that we had a safe, comfortable and memorable holiday starting from Kochi, Periyar, Kumarakom, Alleppey and back. We were equally very impressed by the presentation of the itinerary laid out in a well bound and attractive planner that will remain with us as a wonderful souvenir to recall our trip. The backwater hotel locations and properties recommended by Luxe India was paradise in itself and especially the retreat at Alleppey was heavenly. Thank you all at Luxe India for a fantastic holiday."

Shahnaaz and Shabbir Hassanbhai, Singapore (November 2007)

Dear Vineet,
"Our travel arrangements were wonderful. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. Our guide for the Taj Mahal was a pleasant surprise, very knowledgeable. Seeing the Taj was something I shall never forget. I do hope to get back to India some day and see more of it. Thank you again for everything. You and your hotel staff were extremely gracious and hospitable."

Lorraine, Canada. (November 2007)

Mr. Jatender Singh Jaswal,
"India was a great and an unforgettable experience. A big country and special people! We were afraid of coming thinking about being uncomfortable, but it couldn’t be better! The tourism service was perfect, the drivers and guides were excellent. The hotels and restaurants were very, very good. We were very happy and hope to come back soon. We will tell to our friends in Brazil to visit India."

Paulo & Elizabeth Carneiro, Brazil. (October 2007)

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